February 27, 2015

ABCD - Americans Backing a Competitive Dollar

 This new blog will focus on what may be the most important problem facing America today --
     the loss of millions of jobs and thousands of factories to foreign countries.

These losses are driven by capital inflows from foreign investors, both public and private, who are seeking to exploit the best capital markets in the world -- those in America. These flows -- the vast majority of which are speculative and do not increase the productivity of America's industries, have pushed the value of the US dollar so high that American workers, factories and goods now find it hard to compete with imports in domestic markets or with other country's products in export markets -- despite the fact that America's factories and workers are among the most productive in the world..

This blog is not designed to generate a daily string of sound bites.  Instead, its purpose is to make available serious analysis of the challenges and policy alternatives facing America as it seeks to restore jobs and factories by balancing its international trade. Meeting this challenge will make America a better place to live, both now and in the future.

The plan is to issue a new post of 500-1,000 words by the start of each week. You can easily get new weekly postings by signing up for email delivery - see box near top right of home page, 

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                          America Needs a More Competitive Dollar - Now!