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Currency Manipulation or Currency Misalignment?  (3/18/2016)
Exchange Rate Determination – The Paradigm Shift   (3/01/15)
A MAC would Reduce Private Sector Flows into the US. Isn't This a Mistake?   (2/28/16)
Will a MAC Discourage Repatriation of US Corporate Profits?   (2/27/16)
Would the MAC be Legal under America's Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs)?   (2/25/16)
MAC vs a Nixon-Connally "Strategic" Tariff   (2/25/16)
TPP Costs and Benefits - Summary of Testimony for ITC Hearing on TPP   (2/18/16)
The TPP and the Currency Manipulation Blame Game   (2/12/16)
America’s Overvalued Dollar and the External Deficit Doom Loop   (2/03/16)
Would a MAC be Consistent with TPP Provisions Regarding Capital Flow Management?   (1/05/16)
Would a MAC Raise Interest Rates, Hurt Consumer Demand, and Slow the Economy?`   (11/23/15)
The Dollar’s Value and America’s Share of its Own Automobile Market`   (11/19/15)
International Trade and Manufacturing Policies for the 21st Century   (10/31/15)
TPP: As Strong as its Missing Link – Fair Currency Values   (10/14/15)
How Much Government Revenue Would a MAC Charge on Foreign Investors Generate?   (9/24/15)
Why a MAC charge on DFI will Stimulate DFI   (9/21/15)
Is a Market Access Charge Better than Higher Taxes on Imports?   (8/28/15)
How Would the MAC Mechanism Restore American Manufacturing?   (8/21/15)
Trade Deficits -- Growth Stimulant or Depressant?   (8/14/15)
A Perfect Storm for American Manufacturing -- Greek Crisis and Fed Interest Rate Liftoff   (6/29/15)
Currency-Based CVD Penalties: Wrong Tool for Solving America's Trade Deficits   (6/23/15)
Fighting Currency Manipulation = Fighting the Last War   (5/19/15)
Balance U.S. Trade with a MAC Attack on Currency Misalignment   (5/01/15)
Fast-Track Language on Currency Manipulation: Just a Smokescreen Designed to Fail   (4/22/15)
The World Desperately Needs a New Global Monetary System for the 21st Century   (3/20/15)
Restore the American Dream – Abolish the Overvalued Dollar Tax   (3/13/15)
ABCD - Americans Backing a Competitive Dollar   (2/27/15)
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